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Uniform requirements

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Black Roch Valley sleeveless leotard, for all grades upto Grade 5.

Black crossover.

Black camisole Capezio Bratek RAD approved leotard for grade 6 up. (order via the office)

Pink socks up to Grade 2. White socks and shoes for boys.

Pink tights and ribbons on ballet shoes from grade 3 up.

Black character shoes and skirt with red ribbons from grade 1. (See below instructions for ordering the character skirt.)

Black chiffon circular skirt for grades 6, 7 and 8.


Modern and Tap:

Addition of black lycra stirrup tights.

Black tap shoes, white socks.



CHARACTER SKIRTS need to be made to measure and can be ordered from Diane Maskall. Click on the tap titled Character Skirts.